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Mashup of scenes that David from Plasmatic created for the show.

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“Flesh and Bone” episode 30s Teaser – Click image to watch video

David Hartwell of Plasmatic along with friend Andreas Kronenberg of CultFX just wrapped up eight grueling months of production on this show for the Discovery Channel. From 3D re-creations to 2 1/2D treatments of historical artifacts, they produced hours of engaging motion graphics for this six episode mini-series.

Working closely with Egyptologist and host Kara Cooney, David and Andreas did their best to fill in the blanks, e.g. bring to life a concept or re-create a long lost artifact or structure. They also created an opening sequence for each episode. Without cuts, these opening sequences string together artifacts, paintings and footage in a seamless 2 1/2 D style.

OUT OF EGYPT is produced for Discovery Channel by Digital Ranch Productions. Rob Kirk and Rob Lihani are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Susan Winslow is executive producer. Neil Crawford is also an executive producer of OUT OF EGYPT.

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“Flesh and Bone” opening sequence – Click image to watch video

Kara uses her understanding of Egyptian customs and practices as a baseline to study how other ancient societies were formed. In “Relics,” which aired in August 2009, Kara investigates how and why our hallowed dead are preserved and worshipped. A relic could be the finger of a Catholic saint or a mummified ibis bird buried in an ancient Egyptian catacomb. For millennia, people have ascribed meaning and power to these remnants of their hallowed dead but why? Kara explains that the bodies might be dead, but they remain buried in our current physical world. They are then seen as somehow magical — a bridge from the living here on Earth to the dead in the heavens beyond.

In “Pyramids,” she takes a closer look at these iconic monuments. In 2560 BC, the ancient Egyptians built the Giza Pyramid. Nearly 2,700 years later and some 7,700 miles away, the Aztecs erected a similarly imposing structure. A coincidence? Kara explains that human nature’s desire to be close to the gods, to literally build a conduit to greater holiness, can be seen in civilizations far from Egypt, from the construction of the stepped temples of Mexico to the round pyramids of Sri Lanka.

To illustrate beliefs in the power of relics, Kara undergoes a ritual cleansing in Mexico involving human bones, takes part in a Buddhist burning ceremony in Vietnam and pays a special visit to Sri Lanka’s most holy shrine — The Temple of the Tooth — to pay respects to what is believed to be the actual tooth of the Buddha. Throughout history, loved ones, martyrs and political figures all share the appearance of being closer to Gods just by the fact that they are no longer among the living.

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