Plasmatic Demo Reel 2012
Steel and Shade: The Architecture of Don Wexler
Killing Time
Out Of Egypt

Here we go again. Time to update our Reel. Includes new work:

- Promotional motion graphics for SwissTV, an on-demand movie and television content provider based in Geneva Switzerland.
- “Somewhere There Hides a Well” video installation, part of Palm Springs Art Museum’s exhibit “Steel and Shade. The Architecture of Donald Wexler.”

- Arab American Stories. Title and credits motion graphics for Detroit Public Television (DPTV) mini-series.

- Beyond the Light Switch. Title, 3D, motion graphics for DPTV’s award-winning show about the future of electricity.
(Winner of the Columbia DuPont’s Award for Journalism Excellence)

- Killing Time. 3D modeling and animation of a TAGHeuer Carrera watch.

- Out of Egypt. 2.5D animations for Discovery Channel’s six episode mini-series.

[ END ]      

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